• Kate Stapleton

Alex and Mike | Fallen Leaf Lake Sunset Engagement Session | South Lake Tahoe, CA

When Alex sent an inquiry through my website back in April, I had no idea that they live in Austin, Texas. All I knew was that they had plans of getting married in Fallen Leaf Lake just outside of South Lake Tahoe.

Our initial meeting was very easy. During that call, Alex shared that she and Mike had a very rough 2020. They're both first responders; she is a respiratory therapist and he is a firefighter. I couldn't imagine how difficult it must've been for them being in the front lines during a time with so many unknowns, so this prompted me to ask why they're planning a wedding after such a tough year.

Alex told me that Mike is her person. On the toughest days that she was down and out... when she felt as if everything is crashing down with no end in sight... Mike was the person who kept her afloat. He poured out love into their relationship even though he was running on empty himself. They both have been waiting a long time for this and even whatever 2020 threw at them they held on strong which makes them more excited for what's ahead in their relationship.

After that call, I remember just feeling so inspired. Alex is extremely positive and her energy is contagious!

When they came up from Texas to Fallen Leaf Lake for their Engagement Session, I was excited. Not only because Fallen Leaf is beautiful area, but also because I loved the fact that I get to meet and get to know both Alex and Mike in person. I had so much fun driving around the area with them, it felt like hanging out with old friends. I was even able to crack jokes at Mike which he took very well!

Alex and Mike,

September can't come soon enough. I'm sure you're counting down the days to seeing all of your closest friends and family again! Cheers to brighter days ahead, I'm so excited for you both!