• Kate Stapleton

Allie & Joe | Gorgeous Wedding at Vizcaya Sacramento

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

I am so excited to share this gorgeous wedding at Vizcaya Sacramento! With Living Coral, the Pantone color of the year, as their wedding color and a stunning bride and groom to match; it was one of the most beautiful and romantic days. Which is only fitting for Allie and Joe... so let me take you back to their love story which you can also read here.

She set off from Washington to San Jose, California to explore the opportunities the economic city has to offer. Little did she know that not only her career would be fulfilled but her heart would also find love...

It was four years ago on a night just like any other. Allie got dressed up to meet with her new friends in a city she'd lived in for only a year. She only knew but a handful of people at the bar but among the crowd, she saw a familiar face. They'd never met but in the world of the internet they've crossed paths before. And it was on that night, in that bar, and in that moment that Allie met Joe, the California boy, who would eventually sweep her off her feet.

Here we are four years since that fateful night. Allie and Joe stand hand-in-hand in front of God and their family and friends to declare the love their souls have shared all these years. But before they come together as husband and wife, they make sure to thank the people that have helped mold them to who they are today. The officiant of the wedding ceremony Reverend Beams invite Allie's mom Maria and Joe's wonderful parents Sue, Joe and Beth to each receive a white rose from the bride and groom. The rose symbolizes their gratitude for the love their parents have bestowed upon them. Allie's dad Leivu also played a big part in who she is today. He passed away suddenly only a short time before the wedding and while he is not physically present today, he is not forgotten and is honored in every way possible on this special day.

Allie, while your wedding day may have been bittersweet with your dad watching from heaven, I'm just so sure that he found a way to let you know that he was there with you. Remember that ladybug you saw on the window while we were doing husband and wife portraits? That would be a moment of grace. I've read that ladybugs are often seen as a sign of promise to release worries and live life to the fullest. Maybe your dad was giving you a message, one he knows you would need to hear on your wedding day and to remember forever...

Allie and Joe, from the day we met, I've always felt like I'm hanging out with old friends when I'm with you. And on your wedding day, even though a half a year went by, seeing you both wasn't any different. The moment I arrived at Vizcaya, you both welcomed me with such warm smiles and hospitality despite the anxiety of the day (which you both handled so graciously!) You are both as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside and so much more. God's love radiates through you and it's so powerful that it manifests through the way you love on people. In a year, you will be reading the letters you wrote for each other on your wedding day. When that day comes, hold each other tight and remember the love you were surrounded with by your friends and family because it is a testimony to who you both are as people. I have been blessed to experience your benevolence, so my prayer for the both of you and for your marriage is that in the coming years may the love you have in your hearts grow between you, for each other, and also for all the people you meet in your journey as husband and wife.

It is a pleasure to have met you both for the purpose of documenting the grandest part of your love story so far. I am so grateful for your trust. I am grateful for your kindness. And I am grateful for your friendship. May God bless you both on this new adventure. I am so excited to share some of my favorite moments and memories with you!