• Kate Stapleton

Alyssa & Trevor | Lake Tahoe Engagement Session

Have you ever built friendships through social media? It kind of feels like dating. (If I even recall what dating feels like!) But if I can put it in words, it's kind of awkward at first but also at the same time you already like them so it leaves you feeling curious about the other person. Then you actually meet in person and it's still a little awkward but it feels better because you already know so much about one another just by following along online. At this point you're already feeling like long time friends but at the same time there's more to know about one another and it's so fun getting to talk and hang out and you like them even better because it's only confirmed your suspicions that they are awesome... this is how my friendship with Alyssa began.

Alyssa is a talented photographer based out of the Bay Area. We followed each other on Instagram months before we met in person in Arizona. When we met it was like this exciting moment to finally meet. We ran to each other, arms wide for the best bear hugs ever! Alyssa is so fun and bubbly and is a "come-as-you-are" type of friend. She's so easy to love and absolutely a blast to hang out with because of how easy it is to talk to her!

We stayed friends after we met, even though I live in Reno and she's in Concord we made it a point to still call each other and whenever we got a chance we would check in through texts and also stayed connected on social media. How fun that technology lets us continue to build a friendship despite the distance! So when Trevor popped the question on the Fourth of July, I knew right away and was just so excited for the both of them but it was even better when Alyssa told me I would be their wedding photographer. I mean, seriously?! I just feel so honored!

Before we scheduled their engagement session, we met for a double date brunch at Spindleshanks in Tahoe where I finally met Trevor and Alyssa finally met my husband Jeff. This is also when I put Trevor on the spot and asked him what about Alyssa he loved the most. His answer? "Alyssa is genuine and she loves and cares for others so easily."

This made my heart melt because I knew exactly what he was talking about! Alyssa is a no-bullshit type of person who loves hard. I've only known her for a short time but she's made me feel like a longtime friend. Her outward expression of love for others is so refreshing and I can see why Trevor loves this about her.

When we met for their engagement session, we ran around Tahoe from the East shore to the South shore for three fun hours. It was amazing and I got to know more about their dynamic as a couple plus I also got to hang out with their furbaby Cali!

Trevor and Alyssa,

I hope to continue our friendship as we go because having you both in my circle makes my world brighter! I love seeing you both grow in your relationship with one another. And I know there are times when it's not easy but I see how much you love each other. What you have worked on individually and as a couple is so great - it's something most people don't have and don't care to build - the last six years of your lives have gotten you to this point! I hope you know how much of a treasure you've got in each other. I'm just so honored to be able to positively contribute to your love even in such a small way. Thank you for trusting me and continuing to trust me in the process! I cannot wait to serve you in the best way possible on your wedding day next year!

Big thanks to Crystal Bell Beauty for Alyssa's gorgeous hair and makeup!

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