• Kate Stapleton

Angeli & David | Fun Engagement Session at Donner Lake, CA

They were in the same campus for years at the University of Nevada, Reno. But David's a few years ahead so they never had a class together until that one fateful semester when they were in the same Civil Engineering class where they met.

Angeli is the type who is always on top of her goals. She is focused. Determined. Buckled down on achieving her ambitions. Little did she know in the midst of her educational goals, unexpectedly comes a boy that will steal her heart. Since then, they've graduated with their Bachelor's Degrees and then later moved cross country to chase their dreams. He has a career with the Department of Transportation in Paris, IL and she is still pursuing her studies as a grad student anticipating to defend her dissertation this year.

They might live far but they keep rooted to their families here in Reno, NV. They came home last year and had an intimate civil wedding with their families surrounding them for such a special milestone in their lives. While they are already legally married, they are still planning their dream wedding for this year. The picture perfect beginning for their love story...

David's sister graduated from college, so they had a mini-reunion at the PNW this past week. Then they made their way to Reno to visit for a week. In their short visit, we had the chance to get together for coffee and avocado toast at the Coffee Bar on Mt. Rose in the heart of Reno where we talked wedding things! Angeli has a vision of dusty rose and wine as her wedding colors and she even showed me a sneak peek of her wedding dress! (Sorry David, you would have to wait a few more months to see her in it. I can tell you though, the wait is totally worth it!)

Later that day, we met at Truckee for a fun engagement session at the vista point in Donner Lake. Even though we'd only met twice before.

Wait, let me rewind for a second... I've known Angeli's sister Kristine since my days at Truckee Meadows Community College way back when. And I found out that Angeli was there the same time as us and even attended the same events BUT we never met! So, I've only met her and David twice; once during a FaceTime call last Winter and then last week at the Coffee Bar. It's just so funny how life works...

Regardless of our newly established acquaintance, I feel like I've known them for years. Like we've been old friends!

Angeli & David, your visit may have been short and the moments with your friends and family may have been fleeting but I bet it's always worth the trip to reconnect with the ones you love. I say that because your personalities are so uplifting and the connection we made in such a short time of getting to know each other has been genuine to say the least. I can only imagine your families' joy when you guys come back for a visit may it be for one day or one month. With you two, I felt like I was reuniting with old friends, you guys just made the experience what is was: FUN. Despite the strong winds and chill in the mountain air, at no time did you let that kill your vibe. It was overall a great time with you guys! Your Fall wedding in September will be exponentially memorable given that you are both so much in-love and will be surrounded by family. Two things that I know you both value and hold close to your hearts.

Here are just a few of my favorites from our time together! I hope you love them as much as I do. See you both again in September!