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Apricot Lane Reno, NV

I've been having trouble getting my car fixed. Last year around October, I needed new tires so before winter we decided to replace them but it's been nothing but problems since then. At first they said the tire balance was off, so they supposedly fixed it. But for several months I have been having to bring it back due to pulsation when braking. However, the auto repair shop I've been taking it to has been dismissing my issues this whole time. Finally, the store manager from their sister store calls me and asks for me to bring my car in to his store and offer to fix the problem at no charge. What they find is that my rotors need to be replaced and that the front tires are bald. I knew it was going to be at least two hours but I wasn't expecting it to take almost five hours until I got my car back. Unless I took an UBER, my daughter and I don't have a way home. So with it being so hot in the shop and my daughter being restless, I decide to walk across the street to the Meadowood Mall which I haven't been in a while.

As soon as I step out in that desert summer heat, I immediately regret it. My daughter doesn't have sunscreen on or a hat and my sunglasses broke just a few days ago. I am totally unprepared for this. I walk as fast as I could toward the JC Penney south entrance so as not to get sunburns on my daughter and myself.

We walk around for a bit just window shopping through JC Penney. Then I remember that on Instagram, a local boutique @apricotlanereno posted this cute panel maxi dress. So naturally, I decide to go check it out. I love to support local, I think it is awesome we are able to have unique shops in town that offer great stuff like this dress!

Now, since having my daughter I haven't dressed up as often as I used to. If you must know, one of the requirements for stay-at-home-moms are leggings. They are so comfortable that they are stacked high in my dresser. So obviously, I don't need a dress like this. But as a photographer, this three panel maxi dress has that "ooh la la" factor for an engagement session or even for mom for a family session. My portrait sessions include a makeover experience so I always encourage my clients to dress up. Make a statement. And this dress is just that. It had me swooning!

As soon as I walk in the store, a lovely lady walks towards me and says "Hey, welcome in! I'm Star, feel free to look around and let me know if you have any questions." I thought to myself, "wow, that's rare." These days, I notice it is difficult to get someone to help you or smile at you anymore. It is very refreshing to be welcomed that way.

Star, owner and friendly lady!

I say thank you to Star and start to look around. There are so many cute things in this store. She has a sale going on - clearance is 75% off and BOGO. Naturally, being the penny pincher that I am I head over to the clearance section. There are more cute dresses like the one she posted. They are cute AND on sale? Nice! Too bad I was only here to kill time. And although window shopping is not as fun as actual shopping, there is still some gratification from checking things out.

The store has that rustic care-free vibe. As if you are on vacation. The dresses are bright and flowy (which I love!) and the items in there are organized so you can put an outfit together and then some without spending too much time or effort.

Across the cash register is a wall full of fun stuff. But instead of telling you, let me show you. I have a serious crush on all things rustic and wedding - so you can imagine my excitement when I saw these... If you're a future bride, you're going to LOVE these! Or if you're a bridesmaid, I can guarantee that Apricot Lane will have that unique item you are looking to gift for the bride.

1. A "Wish" Jar

I think this is such a cute idea! The maid of honor and bridesmaids write their well wishes for the bride on her wedding day. Not only is it sweet but it is thoughtful, too. Marriage is beautiful but it is also hard work, so on the days when the bride needs love she can simply read what her best girls had to say on her wedding day. Priceless.

2. Bride-to-be Wine Glass

Need I explain? :)

3. Prayer Box

It reads:

"When you need your busy mind to rest

Written down thoughts are often best

Find a daily moment in a quiet place

To collect your sentiments

in this special place."

Sometimes all we need is prayer. Life can be tough sometimes and there are things we cannot control. It is a good thing there is such a thing as prayer because then we can let go and let God. The prayer box is very fitting for a bride.

4. Friendship Memorabilia

There is nothing that says "BFFs" better than a picture frame of the bride and her best girls. Plus, a best.friend.ever plaque says "friends forever" in such a sweet and simple way.

5. Bride-to-be tiara and Honeymoon Things

Because a bride-to-be deserves a tiara. And that Mrs. makeup bag and also the floppy sun hat will come in handy during their honeymoon!

Brides, Apricot Lane has got your back! And not only has the owner Star got you covered, but she's got the bridesmaids covered, too!

Let me tell you, all this stuff is just from one corner of the store. Hence the name, Apricot LANE. It's an entire lane and there are plenty more to love!

I am so happy to have had the chance to come in here. Those five hours of waiting for my car flew by. I had so much fun looking around! Luckily I had my camera with me (...who am I kidding I always have it with me. It's like my second child.) And it is awesome that Star let me take pictures of her store, too!

Not convinced with my pictures? Don't blame ya - it's best to see for yourself!

Apricot Lane Boutique across from Pandora in the Meadowood Mall in Reno, NV

Kate Stapleton is a wedding photographer who values telling your story in a way that feels like you.

She creates images that are sincere, meaningful, and real.

Kate is based in Reno, Nevada and photographs weddings in the Reno-Tahoe area as well as destination weddings.

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