• Kate Stapleton

Danielle & Doug | Engagement Session | Huffaker Hills Reno, NV

I've worked with so many couples over the last few years but every time I hear that a couple are high school sweethearts, it never ceases to amaze me. It's incredible that some people are able to meet one another, grow up with each other, and build a life together all at such a young age.

I didn't meet my husband until I was an adult and I can only imagine how beautiful life would've been if we met earlier. We'd have more time together, have so many more adventures, and it sure would've saved me the daunting journey that involved the task of kissing so many frogs. (I didn't kiss that many but one frog is already too many frogs!)

I first met Danielle and Doug over FaceTime back in July of last year. With the pandemic, we were only able to virtually meet but I was still very excited to connect. They shared their story with me on that video call which is when I found out that they met in high school 13 years ago. And that just totally captured my heart!

We were finally able to meet in person recently. Winter Engagement Sessions are my favorite but during their session it felt like Spring. The weather was still a little crisp but the sun was high and warm... it was just right!

During their session, I became curious at what Danielle and Doug have learned over the years to make their young love work. They told me that growing with each other comes with a lot of learning about their own selves and also learning who the other person is. And their advice is to grow together; to love and accept the person they are becoming and extending the same love and acceptance to the other person as well.

If that's not the honest truth about relationships then I don't know what is. Their advice totally resonated with me as I'm sure it does with anyone who is or has been in any intimate relationship. It sounds very simple but yet so complex when applied to real life.

Danielle and Doug,

I'm so excited for what's ahead for you two. I'm sure you've been through a lot over the past 13 years but yet you manage to grow together through it all. What you have is so special... You've found your person and having each other is truly what makes life that much sweeter.

I love what you both said about what you'd like to see from each other in 10 years: To keep the closeness between you two throughout all the changes. Hearing that from you reminds me of the reason why I love being a wedding photographer... and it's because of couples like you.

Can't wait to celebrate your love this year!