• Kate Stapleton

Danielle & Doug | Private Estate Wedding | Reno, NV

Do you ever get giddy when you see older couples do things together? Because I do. I love seeing older couples! They could be sitting together in a cafe, or holding hands while walking, or even just grocery shopping... It gives me inspiration for my own marriage because the idea of growing old with that special someone is just so special.

We all know how difficult or messy relationships can be and there is unspoken success in being in a marriage that's been cultivated and refined over time. It's pure in every sense of the word. And it's one of those things in life that cannot be faked or manufactured.

On the other hand, there's also something incredibly beautiful about highschool sweethearts. Thinking back to my highschool years, I truly cannot fathom what it takes for a teenager to be mature enough to love someone selflessly. What I do know is that it takes remarkable people to grow together and love each other unconditionally.

Most people know me as a wedding photographer but if I'm being honest that would be a surface-level description of my job. Photographs are little snippets of someone's "once upon a time" and this is why I take my responsibilities very seriously.

I'm not just snapping photos, I'm a storyteller.

While I only play a small part of a couple's story, my job is to serve my couples, their friends, and their families on the BIGGEST day of their lives! This is why my goal is to tailor each couple's experience to their own "once upon a time" because each couple and their stories are unique.

Doug and Danielle met in high school Biology class, thanks to their teacher who sat them next to each other. According to Doug's mom Denise, Doug was smitten with Danielle from that point on. In true mom fashion, she was very excited that her introverted son had a girlfriend. His dad Don was happy but in true dad fashion, he encouraged his son to explore more fish in the sea haha!

We obviously now know that Doug didn't take his dad's advice! Here's their Engagement Session blog to read more about how their love grew through the years.

Today, I'm happy to announce that they've taken the next (and most significant) milestone in their relationship yet! Thirteen years later, they are now husband and wife.

Even before the pandemic hit, both Doug and Danielle knew they wanted to make their wedding day special by keeping it intimate with just their families celebrating alongside them. Danielle's dad Rhett officiated their ceremony which is incredibly sweet. The vows they wrote to each other were heartfelt with so much gratitude to each other. Their love truly is like no other.

Doug and Danielle,

You've shared to me that 10 years from now, you want to keep the closeness you have with each other throughout changes that may be ahead in your lives together. If you've made it 13 years, what's another 13 more? I'm so incredibly honored to be your story teller for such a momentous event in your journey. I can't be more excited for your happily ever after!


Venue: Private Estate in Reno, NV

DJ: DJ Funn Reno

Florals: Devon Woods

Photographer: Kate Stapleton Photography LLC