• Kate Stapleton

Elegant Engagement Session at Edgewood Tahoe

Red wine for him. White wine for her. He's an extroverted introvert while she's an introverted extrovert. She loves animals while he, well, he loves animals too. They have differences but they also have a lot in common. One thing's for sure, they both found love and they've decided on forever.

Allie and Joe met nearly four years ago. They were both out at the same place on the same night. Unbeknownst to either of them, this very night is the beginning of their story. They ran into each other while hanging out with their own friends where they realized that somehow they knew one another. They quickly realized that they've been in touch on social media but have never actually met. They had plans of someday meeting but running into each other unexpectedly that night was the last thing they thought would ever happen (especially in a big city like San Jose!) They thought, what are the odds?

The odds are that it was unlikely. Improbable. Particularly because Allie had only been living in San Jose for a year. She was born in Romania and grew up in Seattle where she moved with her family at the age of seven. From Washington to California, Allie set out to pursue her teaching career. Joe, on the other hand, is a firefighter born and raised in Cali, Cali. (You know you sang that in your head, thanks Biggie Smalls!)

As unlikely as it was, the odds worked out in their favor. Because here we are today, in less than six month's time, they will be husband and wife. Joe proposed to Allie on a trip to Seattle to visit Allie's parents. He'd been hiding the ring in his snowboarding jacket; he figured it was the perfect spot since Allie had only been snowboarding twice in her life so just like the odds of them meeting unexpectedly the odds of her finding the ring in the jacket was also very slim. So, with the ring safely hidden, off they went to Seattle.

It was there that Joe devised a plan with Allie's little brother and recruited him to be his side kick and photographer to pull off the surprise proposal. They all went on a hike through Rattlesnake Ridge and when they reached the the highest point, Joe got down on one knee and proposed to Allie, the love of his life. They were quite literally on top of the world!

Kind, down-to-earth, and full of life; that's Allie and Joe. They are both beautiful inside and out. And when you meet people like them, you feel like you're hanging out with old friends.

Allie and Joe, I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am that you were able to meet me in Tahoe. I know how much of a commitment it was for you two to take some time off of work and drive all the way over from San Jose for the purpose of meeting me. I truly appreciate it! I hope the days you've spent in the snow and on the slopes was as fun as you had planned it!

Thank you for letting me capture and tell your odd-defying love story. I am just ecstatic to top it off with your Vizcaya wedding in July! Here are just a few of my favorites!