• Kate Stapleton

Fall Family Photos in Galena Forest, Reno NV

When you're a mom, the places you find yourself in are places like the park, the museum, or the library. Our local library hosts a weekly Toddler Time program. So last year, when my daughter was old enough I began taking her there once a week. I've met lots of parents at the library, moms and dads, some stay home with their kids and some tag team childcare with their spouses. This is also where I met Stephanie and her sweet boys Declan and Quinn.

If I'm correct, I'd like to say that was a little less than a year ago when Stephanie and I met. I had my camera with me and I was taking photos of my little one (as I always did, shocking right?) This was the time when my little one was just learning how to socialize and play at the park independently so I wanted to document her exploration of the world and make friends with the people around her. Stephanie and I got to talking at the swings in the playground next to the library. My daughter Ella and her youngest son Quinn hit it off and later shared some of Ella's snacks between the two of them on the playground. Since then, we've met for playdates as my daughter enjoys being in the company of Declan and Quinn.

Stephanie is a working mom, she is a family physician while her husband Matt is a mechanical engineer. They are both working parents passionate about their careers and moreover they are passionate about their two boys. Even as busy as they are, they still find time to spend with their little ones. On her days off, Stephanie brings them to do fun things like spending the day at the Discovery Museum and as a family they like to travel and visit their relatives out of state.

Declan and Quinn have grown so much since that day at the park. Declan is now a kindergartner and not too long ago little Quinn was scooting along to find his way around but is now walking and talking! They are such sweet boys! It's amazing to witness them growing up, so I was really excited to do their Fall family photos this year.

Stephanie and Matt, you two make a great team and I admire the tenacity you both have raising two boys full of energy! They are such happy children and both are just darling. You two are blessed to have them and they are blessed to have you as their parents. They are going to grow up as good-hearted people just like you both are. Thank you for letting me spend fun moments with your little family. I am honored to be a small part of your family's journey!

Here are a few of my favorites from our session in the forest!

PS. I am SO in love with your outfits! You all looked AMAZING!

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