• Kate Stapleton

Fall Family Session at Idlewild Park in Reno, NV

I had the honor of photographing the Ekins Family at Idlewild Park. Justin grew up in Reno while Misato grew up in Japan. They met when they were both students at the University of Nevada, Reno. Since their days as young students, they've lived in Hawaii and also in California and found their way back home to Reno just a few years ago. They are now parents to their daughter, Rosie. She is a beautiful little girl with such a radiant personality. She turned three over the summer and for their family photos Rosie wore a beautiful kimono in celebration of her third birthday.

"Shichi-Go-San" or 7-5-3 in English is a Japanese rite of passage for little girls and boys. At the ages of three and seven (three and five for boys), little girls are dressed up in elegant kimonos and together with their families they pray for the children's health and prosperity. It is celebrated on November 15th of each year because 15 is the sum of three, five, and seven. The tradition is believed to originate from the 8th century in Japan when children were only recognized as members of the family after the age of three due to high mortality rates. Nowadays, the tradition is celebrated as a gala where the children are celebrated where prayers are offered for good health and bright futures.

I love that the Ekins Family are carrying out this custom for little Rosie. It is a meaningful milestone celebrating her third birthday and I admire that they are honoring the tradition.

We started off the session at the Rose Garden which I think is very fitting because being that it is Fall and that her name is Rosie, she brightened up the garden in her floral red kimono like a blossoming little flower. Even though it was chilly, she was still all smiles. We had a great time walking around looking for birds and we even had time to play peek-a-boo!

Justin and Misato, thank you for letting me be part of celebrating such an important milestone in little Rosie's life. She is such a wonderful little girl, just as sweet as can be. It was great spending sunset with your family at Idlewild. I know this park is meaningful to your family and it is great that you are able to celebrate Rosie here together as a family. I am so honored to have been able to capture her Sichi-Go-San photos in her beautiful kimono.

Please enjoy a few of my favorites from your family session. More to come!

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