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Get to Know Amazing Local Business Owners and Wedding Vendors in Reno, NV

Do you ever wonder how businesses get started? I do. I once was listening to a podcast on my way home from a wedding that really turned me on to chasing my dream as a photographer. In it, the speaker said something along the lines of "Everything around you has been dreamt of by someone. All the things in this world are invented by people, so why can't you make something out of your dream too?"

It really resonated with me. It's true. The computer I am typing on right now was conceptualized by Steve Jobs. The very thing I check many times a day: Facebook, it was created by Mark Zuckerberg. It was created as a networking platform for students but somehow turned into THE social media. The Wright Brothers dreamt of one day being able to fly in the sky just like birds. Nowadays, we take for granted flying from one state to another let alone one country to another. All these people and many others made the world we live in the way it is now. So how, out of the 7.4 billion people in the world, were these people able to achieve the things that they achieved? When I think of flying in an airplane, I have this small fear of the unknown and that is just the thought of flying. I can't even fathom what it took to dream up building a craft that defied gravity.

Okay, so I'm giving extreme samples here. But think about it. You probably go to Starbucks right? They sell coffee. Coffee! But they are raking in the monies like none other. This national chain was started by three people who weren't even remotely close to being coffee farmers. One was a writer and the other two were teachers and they just so happened to have a friend who loved roasting coffee and he taught them his ways. And that was it... then came Starbucks and the rest is history. I can tell you, most businesses are not planned. I for one thought I was going to stay home with my baby for a few years and then go back to my career in clinical research where I'll be using my Biology degree for the rest of my life. But no, as soon as I picked up my husband's dusty camera, cleaned it, and began taking photos of my newborn it was like a switch turned on inside me and without even knowing it I eventually started living in photography land.

Since then, I have met so many other local entrepreneurs, mompreneurs, solopreneurs, bossbabes, mombosses - whatever you want to call us, just know that we are local business owners and we all have what it takes to help make your dreams come true because we too are dreamers and share in your dreams! Reno is filled with so many creatives that we have a community with a lot of talented people building businesses from the ground up. Many of us cater to you as your helpers for life's most special milestones like your wedding day. You might already know some of us and you may be introduced to others. Nonetheless, at your delight you will find that we are all here, we are all local and we are all happy to be at your service. Trust me when I say this, we are all happy to make your life a little easier, a little prettier, and make the fleeting moments definitely one to remember.

And-we-are-all-pretty-cool. ;)

Here's a quick list of who we are and what we do. Also linked are our Instagram handles because I see you on your phone. Yes, you. The one scrolling through Instagram just before reading this... Yes, YOU.

Wedding and Family Photographer:

Kate Stapleton - Kate Stapleton Photography LLC

My story:

I started out taking pictures of my newborn daughter in our little condo. When we bought our house a year later, I offered free newborn sessions to local families and loved it. It eventually grew into doing outdoor family portraits. Now, I am only specializing in families and weddings. I love newborns, but my daughter gets jealous when I cuddle up a sweet itty bitty baby, so for everyone's safety I decided to focus on families and weddings. Just kidding, kind of. I really do love newborns but what really tugs at my heart is supporting marriage and strengthening a family's bond. I am a child of divorce and really value togetherness because it is something I learned to cherish growing up. I learned to love the people closest to me because they were always the ones who loved me in good times or in bad. I also love breathing fresh air in the outdoors, laughing with you and sharing moments with your most favorite people. Connecting people to one another is my jam so that is why I focus on families and couples!

Wedding Venue and Elopement Planner:

Yeliz Berg - The Hytch - The Hytch at Sierra Water Gardens

Her story:

One year, Yeliz and her husband attended so many weddings that they observed how much time and money it took for couples to put together their weddings even for an intimate gathering. So Yeliz created a wedding service for couples that want a no-fuss elopement style wedding at a fraction of the cost you might pay for a small wedding. Her business is growing and it's awesome because everyone loves her concept. She takes care of everything for you in the venue of your choice with the style that fits you and your soon-to-be hubby. All you have to do is show up! Plus, she is now also offering the beautiful Sierra Water Gardens as a venue for your special day. So feel free to make an appointment with her and she'll give you a tour!

Bridal Hair and Makeup artist:

Nancy Rice - Nancy Rice Artistry

Her story:

Nancy moved to Reno from Burbank, California almost a year ago. She is a master make-up artist and has a pretty extensive background with 9 years in the industry. At first she didn't know if there was a market for bridal HMU in Reno but she quickly learned that there is! Now she works with a team of other artists that come to you and your tribe and style you beautifully for your big day. She is amazing! I mean, she's been working through pregnancy nausea and fatigue but she still makes a statement with all the brides that she works with! That's a tough momma - she is definitely someone you want in your team on your big day.

Custom Jewelry artist and creator:

Lindsay Bernardo - Bernardo & Co.

Her story:

Lindsay and her husband Ryan have always dreamt of creating beautiful custom pieces and it has been a work in progress for years. Once they found their space and have figured out their process they are able to offer more styles at an affordable value that can't be beat. If you follow them on Instagram, you will never be short of eye candy. You see that stunning heart necklace she's wearing? That is their original design and you won't find it anywhere else!

Balloon Artist:

Courtney Wallace - Balloons By Court

Her story:

Courtney was having a difficult time giving her friends presents for events like a housewarming or birthday because who doesn't? I sure do. One day she decided she would give her friends balloons as presents to celebrate whatever occasion it was and next thing you know she is ordering Qualatex in bulk and designing balloon arches for baby showers, weddings, graduations, grand openings... you name it! She hand delivers and installs everything for you. If you can think it, she can make it! She is the sweetest lady. Trust me, you will not only love her balloons but you will also love her!

Organic Baker:

Mollie Connell - Rebel Pioneer Bakery

Her story:

As a little girl, Mollie always dreamt of owning a bakery and running a farm. Guess what? She is now living her dream! She is raising chickens, cows, goats - I mean, she really owns a farm. With a bakery, a farm, and four kids (which she homeschools by the way...) Mollie is a busy lady but she will take her time in sketching out the perfectly designed cake for you. Not only are her cakes beautiful but they are honest. She can make you an all organic cake and her cakes can also be allergen friendly to fit the dietary restrictions that you might need. This girl is busy, busy, busy but she is on FIRE! Definitely check her out!


Ashlee Arias - Lahontan Letterworks

Her story:

Ashlee is a dedicated momma. She designed her adorable son Benny's first birthday invitations and it was all happenstance. Her friends and family thought they were so cute and very well made that some suggested that she start a business. So she did! Ashlee is very creative and her invitation suite designs are inspirational. Just like Courtney with her balloons, Ashlee can also make it if you dream it! She is on Etsy and takes online orders. They are all her original designs. But wait - there's more! She also does stickers, Save The Dates, Christmas cards, goodie bag tags... I mean, you name it. She has a bunch of things that she can make for you to give your occasion the beautiful details it deserves!

We are all coming together next month to create something beautiful. I will keep the details a surprise but it's worth staying tuned (especially if you are a future bride!) so you can see the magic we will be creating together. More amazing local vendors are involved as well! They will be introduced next month along with beautiful images of our project.

Can't wait to share it! But for now, let's connect on Instagram. Get to know each of us and we are excited to also get to know you!

Like I said, we are pretty cool. Check out our fun pictures below!

(All group photos were taken at Sierra Water Gardens!)

wedding vendors in reno, nv
L-R: Yeliz (The Hytch), Courtney (Balloons by Court), Nancy (Nancy Rice Artistry), Ashlee (Lahontan Letterworks), Mollie (Rebel Pioneer Bakery), Kate Stapleton (Kate Stapleton Photography), Lindsay (Bernardo&Co.)

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Thanks for hanging out, we will see you again soon!