• Kate Stapleton

Hannah & Tony | North Valleys Engagement Session | Reno, NV

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Can I share with you my life before I became a wedding photographer? Let me take you back...

About ten years ago, I was a college student at University of Nevada, Reno who went to school during the day and worked at a casino during the evenings. When you're a busy body like I was, it's pretty difficult to maintain a social life let alone have one at all. My life at the time was about going to school, to work, and then going home. That was the daily grind.

It wasn't very exciting working in the casino industry but it wasn't all bad either. In fact, some of the best people I know today are people I've met during my time there. I'm proud to say that I still have growing friendships with some of them even after all these years!

One of those people is my good friend, Hannah. I met her when she started in VIP months after I first started. But we only worked together for a short time because life moved on. I finally graduated from UNR and Hannah went back to school to pursue a career in the Dentistry field.

She's the kind of person that really makes an impression, though. Even in the short time we spent together, I remember noticing how confident she carried herself. She spoke to people as if she'd already known them for years! This girl has never met a stranger in her life and this is what drew me to her. And as I got to know her, I knew then as I still know now that she's as real as it gets!

Hannah has seen me through some of my ups and downs. And my most memorable memory with her is when she came to visit me and my baby when my daughter was about a month old. We hadn't seen each other for a while before that but we reconnected like we didn't miss a beat... Our friendship has blossomed over the years and I am grateful to call her my friend.

As you could probably guess, I'm so excited to be writing this blog because I have the honor to play a small part in celebrating a huge milestone in Hannah's life just as she celebrated with me when I gave birth to my daughter. When she reached out to me this past November about planning her wedding while she wasn't even engaged yet I knew that this was something big! I was excited to meet with her and her special someone over Zoom (because, pandemic.)

Our meeting was as informal as it can get; it was just like catching up over lunch just as Hannah and I have done before. Only this time, Tony was there and the conversation wasn't about any general topic. It was about their growing love and why they both know that they're meant to spend the rest of their lives together.

Hannah is excited that she and Tony both share the same vision for their future. And that she loves how much of a gentleman Tony is! Tony admires that Hannah is independent, strong-willed, and honest. Like I said, Hannah is as real as it gets! I'm so happy that they've each found their person who can appreciate the people that they truly are. Because that's what it's all about, right?

Han and Tony,

Two years ago, you took a half hour to decide on where to meet for your first date. So let's talk about how depressing it is that you wasted 30 minutes of your life! Just kidding. 😂

While it took you a little bit of time to decide on the place, the true *more important* question has actually been answered because it wasn't the question of "where?" that needed to be addressed. The more important question was, "who?" And unbeknownst to either of you, you've made the best decision answering this crucial question that very first night. 🥰

It's an incredible honor to be a small part of your journey. I'm just over the moon for you two! Thank you for sharing precious moments with me!