• Kate Stapleton

Intimate Elopement at Hyatt Lakeside Cottages in Lake Tahoe, CA

She was a traveling nurse and he was a soldier in the Army. They were both living in Hawaii pursuing their careers, but little did they know that love was also just around the corner. As fate had it Krista and Rob ended up becoming roommates. He was in-between houses and needed a place to stay so somehow they ended up under one roof. That's how they met. And they had no idea then that it would be the best thing that will ever happen to the both of them.

Four years later, they are now living in California which they call home with their two adorable baby girls. Krista has since become an ER nurse while Rob has continued serving in the military as First Lieutenant, but now, in the Air Force.

It was as if Mother Nature knew that Krista and Rob had something special planned for the weekend. The weekend before, it was cold and the sun was tucked gently behind some heavy clouds but this weekend it was shining brightly over the snow-covered mountains. Today, the mountain weather, with the crisp mountain air, had warmth to it. Just an absolute gorgeous day to get married! Four years and two babies later, here they are...

To celebrate the union with the love of his life, Rob wore his mess dress uniform. He waited in the living area of their cozy cottage at the Hyatt in Lake Tahoe while Krista got dressed in her white lace wedding dress. She came out looking like a princess with a smile that says "I'm ready." She tapped her husband-to-be on the shoulder and he turned around with a big smile as he saw her for the first time as his bride. What a moment to remember!

Rev. Christa Deane officiated an intimate ceremony by the lake with the bride and groom. The beautiful couple stood hand in hand. They looked at each other with loving eyes. The lake was peaceful with small waves gently swooping over the sand behind them. It was intimate. It was personal. It was just the way they envisioned their day and it was absolutely perfect.

Krista and Rob, thank you for letting me capture your love. I absolutely adore all the little details especially your custom made earrings, Krista. How wonderful is it that you are able to honor Rob's mother in a way that is so special. I am sure she is watching over the two of you and is celebrating in heaven as you declared your love for one another. From Hawaii to California and everywhere in between, I wish you both all the best and a lifetime of happiness! Here are just a few of many of my favorites from your day!

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Howard!