• Kate Stapleton

Janine & Clayton | Sand Harbor Engagement Session | Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park

Distance only makes the heart grow fonder. Do you agree? I'm sure many of us have loved ones that we live far from, but it only makes visits and get togethers that much more special. Some of us don't have a choice when it comes to moving away from family. Sometimes life takes us where we least expect whether it's career-driven or a personal choice, it isn't ever easy to do.

When I meet couples that live far away from their families, I can totally relate. But what I love most is that when we start talking about their wedding plans they talk about looking forward to spending time with the people they love the most!

Janine and Clayton met with me right around Thanksgiving last year. They live in San Diego where they met but were in Genoa visiting Janine's family. You see, Janine took a leap of faith and moved away from Genoa where she grew up to San Diego for her career. At first it was lonely but when she met Clayton, she knew that San Diego would be her new home.

When I asked Clayton what it is about Janine he loves the most, he answered "her beauty." He expressed that meeting women in this day and age is just so difficult. It feels discouraging because he already knew what he was looking for. Thankfully, he didn't give up! Not only did they hit it off right away but Clayton just knew that Janine is the life partner he's been looking for. They're both family-oriented and connect with each other through traveling! Although last year wasn't the year for traveling, they were still able to make the best of it by exploring their own town for date nights.

There is so much to look forward to in 2021! They are getting married this upcoming Fall with their closest friends and family at their wedding.

Janine and Clayton,

Thank you for taking time to visit with me last Thanksgiving. I know it had been a while since you last saw your family here, so it means a lot that you made time to meet with me with the limited time you already had. Not only that, you made another trip for your Engagement Session too. And I'm so happy that you are the couple that won this year's Annual Birthday Giveaway on Instagram! My partners for this giveaway Nancy Rice Artistry and Biggest Little Bloom Flower Co. were thrilled to be able to serve you two for your engagement session! It was a great time at Sand Harbor with you two. And I'm looking forward to celebrating you at your wedding in October!

Special thanks:

Nancy Rice Artistry | On-site Professional Hair and Makeup

Biggest Little Bloom Flower Co. | Bouquet