• Kate Stapleton

Jenny & Fred | Sunset Engagement Session | Donner Lake in Truckee, CA

Do you ever wonder where life would've taken you had you made entirely different decisions? Every once in a while, I stop to ponder my existence. I end up with more questions than answers when I do this but I'm always humbled of the paths I've taken and where they've led me. Life isn't easy and it never will be but I've learned when things get off track it doesn't mean derailment or disaster. It just means that another path awaits that'll lead you to places you've never imagined.

When things get rough it could feel uncertain that we start to question what we may have done wrong or if there was anything we could've done differently. But have you ever connected the dots and say, "if I didn't go through this phase of my life then I wouldn't be where I am today?" Call it fate, God's will, astral influence, providence; the circumstances surrounding our lives prove to be just as they should be which shows that getting back up everyday and putting one foot in front of the other is truly worth all the stumbles.

I talk about this because we all have our own stories that we must embrace. We never really know what goes on behind the scenes in somebody else's journey and not one story is ever the same. This is the reason why I believe taking time to understand my couples is very important. In this crazy big world we live in, it's a big deal that two people have come together to make the biggest commitment they could ever make in their lives. Some of us are on this path now and just don't know it yet!

When Jenny initially met Fred, things weren't quite aligned. They went on one date then months went by until they reconnected again thanks to Fred's tenacity! Jenny received a message from Fred and because it had been months since they went on that one date she had to juggle her memory to recall who this guy was to which she remembered as "the tall guy!"

Jenny contacted me through The Knot. And when I had the initial meeting with Jenny over Zoom, she was telling this story with the biggest smile as she thought back to their beginnings. I said to her, "God doesn't make mistakes, does he?" To which she responded with tears in her eyes, "No, He doesn't."

Jenny and Fred,

The journey that led you two to meet at a crossroads may not have been easy. But you wouldn't you say it was worth it? The gap of time when you lost contact after your first date was a necessary layover because at the time you weren't headed to same destination just yet. Now that you've touched down together, there will be many more unexpected layovers ahead as you move through your journey. And I'm excited for you because now neither of you have to do it alone... that is the beauty of marriage! Can't wait to celebrate you this summer!

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