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Kristen & Eddy | Engagement Session at Donner Lake

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Have you found your lobster yet? You know, the Chandler to your Monica. The person that compliments your mac-and-cheese making skills. The person who makes you a better version of yourself through all the struggle. He's solid... he's your person and you're his that if or when given the chance to choose, you would choose each other everyday.

This is the kind of love Kristen and Eddy have. The love that's been in the making for half a decade. And although they've had their unexpected twists and turns in the five years they've been together, through the loss of Kristen's mom, and the tough life decisions they've had to make together in order to strengthen their family of three, they've come out stronger than ever.

Whenever I announce the launch of my annual Birthday Giveaway, I always get excited for the couple I'm going to meet and the beautiful love story they have that I, along with Nancy Rice Artistry and A Floral Affair, get the honor to share. This year, I got to meet Kristen and Eddy and I am so grateful for it.

Kristen is a stay-at-home mom to their daughter Esmé, but she wasn't always. I'm sure there was a time when the need to put family first was greater than any career advancements. These are tough decisions to make and the conversations are never easy but they are so important to have. (Trust me, I can relate!)

Nowadays, Eddy doubles down at his job to provide for their little family while Kristen runs her own business from home as a Beachbody Coach motivating like-minded men and women and delivering results not only for herself but also for others. More importantly, she gets to show little Esmé how to live a healthy lifestyle everyday which in her own words, "is my 'why'... because happy healthy parents make happy healthy kids."

While they've been building their life together, it wasn't quite official yet. And Eddy knew that which is why he hatched a plan for a weekend getaway to San Francisco.

It all started with a little white lie...

Eddy told Kristen that the trip was a work function which is typical for his job. Eddy made arrangements for Esmé to stay with family and off they went. He told Kristen that his work dinner with his boss was at Buena Vista Cafe, so Kristen left to enjoy the city only to be called back by Eddy a few minutes later. She went back to the cafe to find Eddy with Irish coffees for the both of them, which is their "thing" when they first started dating. At this point, she thought Eddy was going to propose but it turns out Eddy had more tricks up his sleeve.

Having kept the ring a secret for seven months, he probably thought "why not another day?" So it wasn't until the end of the next day that he proposed after a full day at the Fisherman's Wharf when they were walking back to the car getting ready to head home. It was then that he got down on one knee and asked Kristen to be his wifey. They're finally engaged!

Kristen told me that her engagement with Eddy is what her mom always wanted and I'm sure her mom was very happy watching all of this unfold from heaven. After all, Eddy is her lobster... the Chandler to her Monica... he's her person and she is his.

Kristen and Eddy, thank you for trusting me along with my talented friends Nancy Rice and Kelly Jo (A Floral Affair) to take a small part in your beautiful love story. You are both inspiring as individuals and also as a couple. The love you have for each other is meaningful and it truly shows. Esmé is wonderfully blessed to have such amazing parents to look up to. I felt genuine love and happiness radiating from all three of you in the short time we spent together. And while the trip back home from your engagement session wasn't exactly anyone could have hoped for, I'm glad you're all okay and that we were still able to do this to remind us that life is too short. Thank you for braving the cold (and wind!) with me. You guys are amazing! I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from your session!

Special thanks to my talented friends for making this special for Kristen and Eddy:

Nancy Rice, owner/lead Pro Hair & MUA at Nancy Rice Artistry | Artist: Keema |

Kelly Jo Smith, owner/florist at A Floral Affair |

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