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Maternity Session in South Reno

On May 7th, 2018, I received an e-mail inquiry about a maternity session. The message was from someone named Kelsy and she was in need of a photographer for her maternity shoot. She attached a photo of her and another of both herself and her fiancé Chris. Upon seeing the pictures I thought, "Aww, she's adorable!" The photo of just her was a snapchat photo with a little heart kitty nose with whiskers and pink hearts floating around her and on the bottom it said 29 weeks.

Photo credit: Kelsy Harwayne

"I hope we can work together."

As a photographer, I love getting inquiries like these. Kelsy did not have to attach photos to her e-mail but she did anyway. That tells me she is excited about getting their maternity photos done and that she has probably planned on getting them done since the day they found out they were pregnant! I am very happy when future mommas choose me to document their pregnancy. It is such an exciting time for them and it is always a pleasure to get to be a small part of their journey!

Kelsy and I decided that we would schedule their maternity photo shoot at 33-34 weeks. So leading up to that, she would send me photos of her outfits that she was thinking of wearing to the shoot and we also talked about how Chris would be dressed so he would compliment her outfits. She also got her hair done before the shoot which was a big deal for her (more on that later). Just in the recent weeks before contacting me, Chris popped THE question so not only was their photo shoot going to be in celebration of their baby boy Cash Ryder but also to celebrate their engagement! Exciting right?!

Photo credit: Kelsy Harwayne


Photoshoot day is finally here, but if you are ever familiar with Reno, NV and its finicky weather you will know that it is so very unpredictable. The week of their shoot, it has been raining cats and dogs but eventually slowed down. It was cloudy on the day of their session, so Kelsy asks if we should reschedule but we decide to still go ahead with it. I finally meet Kelsy and Chris. My first initial thought was, "What an adorable couple!" And then I thought, "They're tall!" ...Short girl problems.

I introduce them to professional makeup artist Michael Tourville who always does an awesome job with my clients. He gets to working on styling Kelsy pretty (not that she needed it though) and as that was happening we talk about how Chris proposed to her. They were out of town visiting some friends and normally Kelsy knows what Chris is up to but as they were visiting places out of nowhere Chris kneels down on one knee and asks her if she would marry him. He totally caught her by surprise! It was funny because at the end of the story was Kelsy saying a friend recorded the entire thing and when watching it she says "all I could think of was my hair" and it makes me laugh thinking about that story to this day!

She definitely was not worried about that anymore on the day of their shoot though. She invested a lot of time and thought into getting her hair and nails done and also in picking out the outfits she looked absolutely great in which also showcased her cute baby bump!

Kelsy and Chris, I woke up this morning to great news. You have welcomed handsome little man Cash Ryder into the world! Meeting you both was like seeing old friends again. You both have such humble but fun personalities and when I met you guys in person on the day of your photoshoot I saw how deep of a chemistry you had as a couple. I am truly honored to have been part of your story. Our session is definitely one to remember in my book. It was cold. Really chilly. It was windy and even rained a little bit. But even with the elements against us, you both were still all smiles. Kelsy, even at 34 weeks pregnant you were adventurous in climbing down some wobbly rocks to get to our location. You truly wanted this session to happen because for your first pregnancy with Miles you didn't get a chance to get your photos done. You expressed that this time around it was very important for you to have them, so thank you for choosing me as your photographer. Chris, thank you for being an awesome assistant! You held that reflector like a pro. Also, keep up the good work in taking care of your future wife! During our session, you held her hand so she is safe going up and down the rocky terrain and you were also the one to keep her bloody wipes in your pocket when she got cut on her leg from walking barefoot through the grassy fields. Little things like that between two people in love is truly amazing to watch. You both fully trusted me in capturing not only your journey as future parents but also as future husband and wife. It is truly an honor. Your love for each other is very strong and now with Miles and baby Cash in the mix, your family is complete. The life you are building together is beautiful. Congratulations and wishing you all the best on your journey as a family!

Cash Ryder Schuth

Photo credit: Kelsy Harwayne

Kate Stapleton is a wedding photographer who values telling your story in a way that feels like you.

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Kate is based in Reno, Nevada and photographs weddings in the Reno-Tahoe area as well as destination weddings.

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