• Kate Stapleton

Michele & Corey | Fall Engagement Session | Emerald Bay Lake Tahoe

When I think of the phrase "home is where the heart is" it reminds me of Michele and Corey.

They're avid travelers, adventure partners, and fur parents to Tito and Apollo. They often find themselves exploring new places from Yosemite to Hawaii to Flamingo Island in Aruba where they got engaged, they're constantly seeking the thrill of exploration.

So it wasn't a surprise to me when they took it upon themselves to explore our beautiful backyard also known as Lake Tahoe to find the perfect location for their engagement photos. I've been all around Tahoe and have a list of location suggestions for my couples, but when they said they'd scout for the perfect spot I definitely encouraged it. When they got back to me and said they fell in love with Emerald Bay I was all for it!

Not only did they do a great job picking their location but I absolutely love that they chose a location that spoke to them because one of the values that I strive to deliver is authenticity. I know it could be awkward being in front of the camera, so when you're in a place that feels like "you" easing into your natural element together becomes effortless. And believe it or not, the location has a lot do with how you feel during your session.

Michele and Corey know the value behind nature, long flights, and breathtaking scenery but what I noticed they value the most is togetherness. They didn't always call Reno home. In fact, they didn't always live in the same city. At one point, they were about 2400 miles apart before they met five years ago which was a totally unexpected event that they didn't know would change their lives for good. Michele describes herself as reserved but the night she met Corey, she felt right at home with him. She felt carefree, happy, and most of all she felt like she truly could be herself. Hearing them talk about the night they met was very sweet. Life works in mysterious ways and they are a great example of how amazing it could be!

Michele and Corey, I enjoyed getting to know more about you and your journey together. You guys did a wonderful job scouting a location that wasn't only breathtaking but it's also one that fit your dynamic as a couple. I wouldn't have expected any less from you two knowing your appreciation for the outdoors. Emerald Bay has everything nature could offer; the trees, the lake, the rock face... it was everything and more. With you two, home is definitely where the heart is because your home is wherever you are as long as you're together. Thanks for taking me along one of your adventures!