• Kate Stapleton

Mindy & Kent | Emerald Bay, South Lake Tahoe | Sunrise Engagement Session

Raise your hand if you're a morning person! I'm still working on waking up early myself but every time I wake up before sunrise, it has been extremely worth it. Sunrise engagement sessions have quickly become my favorite for two reasons:

  1. It is intimate. Very few people chase the sunrise in Tahoe which means for couples, we mostly have the scenic locations to ourselves.

  2. It is romantic. While most couples opt for a sunset Engagement Session, nothing beats starting your day with your person at civil dawn (this is when the sunlight turns magical!)

Because of these two reasons, sunrise sessions will always have a place in my heart. Which means, couples who opt for a sunrise session have one thing in common: they are bold.

Bold couples like Mindy and Kent are special in my eyes. Not only did they have to wake up at 4am to get dressed but they have never met me in real life. They drove up from the Bay Area and we've only met on Zoom a handful of times. When I met them in person, it felt like we've known each other for a while! I just love that they felt comfortable with me right off the bat that they've trusted my guidance the entire time we were together.

We met at Emerald Bay which normally would be crowded but, since it was sunrise, we pretty much had the whole location to ourselves which really gave us the privacy and intimacy an engagement session should be which allowed me to get to know them in a way that is deeper than your average surface level connection.

In the short time I've known these two, I know that they value family. They both have tattoos honoring the people who played a huge role in making them the people that they are today. For Kent, that is his father and for Mindy, that is her grandmother.

When I asked them why they even want to take engagement photos, they answered me with one word: "Memories." They didn't need to say anymore because I know how much sentimental value this has to them. As Asian-Americans, they want to preserve their ancestry and honor those that have come before them. Making memories with each other in this season of their life is doing just that. Because one day, these photos will be their legacy to the family that will come after them.

Mindy and Kent,

Between the cold sunrise chill, outfit changes, and multiple locations, you two have shown grace towards each other (and towards me!) I know when we started it felt super awkward which is pretty normal considering no one is born knowing how to act in front of the camera. This is where I come in to say thank you for trusting me! I appreciate the fact that you went in with an open mind even not knowing what to expect and came out feeling comfortable. You are great people and extremely down to earth!

Thank you for running around South Lake Tahoe with me! I'm looking forward to capturing more joyous moments for you this year!

Special thanks to Nancy Rice Artistry for Mindy's hair and makeup!