• Kate Stapleton

Mother and Son Fall Session at Callahan Park, Reno NV

Raise your hand if you're a parent.

If you raised your hand, you undoubtedly have the toughest job in the world. I have the utmost admiration for all moms and dads who are rocking it! I'm talking about the ones who make their children a priority, the ones who choose to become a parent to children who aren't biologically theirs, either by marriage or the ones who adopt, and most of all those parents who, really, just LOVE. I raise my hat to all of you.

Parenting comes in all shapes and sizes; every one of us is different. Parenting styles differ from one household to the next. There is just no one way of doing it. And we can't deny that it is a difficult thing raising children but also the most rewarding.

Now, let's talk about single parents. That's a whole other ball game right?

I met Brandi, a single mom, at Callahan park for her family session with her adorable son Ryder. She is the sweetest lady and her son is just so lovable. His little personality is radiating with positive energy and kindness. I could tell as soon as I met the both of them that they had a special mother and son relationship.

Ryder just started going to Kindergarten this year and he has already made friends which Brandi said are mostly little girls. I don't blame them though, he is such a sweetheart! He hit it off with my daughter at the session. He has this big brother persona that my daughter immediately took to him. I am impressed by this boy and above all I am impressed by his momma for doing such a wonderful job raising her son to be a good person.

Brandi, I appreciate you letting me and my daughter spend time with you and Ryder. I love your close relationship with him; a mother and son bond is very special and seeing you have that with him has me inspired. I hope I was able to capture your love for him as well as his happy personality! You have a very special boy in your hands and you're doing amazing raising him! Here's a quick look at our time together... more to come!

Kate Stapleton is a wedding photographer who values telling your story in a way that feels like you.

She creates images that are sincere, meaningful, and real.

Kate is based in Reno, Nevada and photographs weddings in the Reno-Tahoe area as well as destination weddings.

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