• Kate Stapleton

Priscilla & David | Wedding at the River House in Ben Lomond, CA

Three thousand three hundred and seventy one days ago, David first laid eyes on Priscilla. That number was calculated by David's brother Austin who was the best man. If you're like me and can't count backwards, that was in April of 2009.

It wasn't until 2012 that their friendship blossomed into romance. Through it all, their faith in God and love for each other have only gotten stronger. They had some growing up to do and even at such a young age they understood that there were things they needed to accomplish first. They spent several years apart while they were both in college. But still, despite the distance, they found themselves back in each other's arms.

So here we are, ten years after that one fateful day when they first met, they are standing in front of their closest friends and loved ones to vow to put God first in their marriage.

Their fear of God is unrelenting and their faith is reflected in every single way at their beautiful wedding. They had the sweetest first look at the Redwood Grove and then they took time for just themselves before their wedding ceremony to pray with each other.

Priscilla never stopped smiling from the first moment I saw her at their wedding venue. I could tell she'd been waiting for this day for the longest time and she is just soaking in every single second leading up to the moment she gets to say "I do" to her high school sweetheart and best friend. And when the time came for her to walk down the aisle, David lit up and beamed with joy as he watched his future wife walk towards him in her elegant lace kiss wedding gown.

In every single aspect of their relationship for the past ten years, God has always been the center of their love. So it was not surprising that the very first act they did together as husband and wife is a communion to symbolize their union at the spiritual level.

David and Priscilla, you two are an inspiration. God works in mysterious ways... I was there to love and serve you and your families on the biggest day of your lives yet you both have touched mine in ways I will always be forever grateful for. What an honor it was to meet your families! Both sets of parents were just as loving and welcoming as the two of you. I was inspired to witness the legendary couples, such as both of your parents and all of your grandparents, who have been married for decades. Your marriage is supported by such a strong family bond and with God in the center of your lives your relationship as husband and wife is only bound for greatness.

The night of your wedding, I went home to my little family and hugged them tight. Because one day, I with my husband would want to be there for our children on their wedding day and be the couple that have been married the longest.

Thank you for sharing your love and imparting such a beautiful experience through and through. The light within the two of you have shone and have impacted even me. I will be forever grateful for being a small part of your wedding day. It was joyful, loving, and SO MUCH FUN!

Congratulations on finally becoming Mr. & Mrs. Welsh! May God bless your marriage for years to come...

PS. I will never forget your first dance! Priscilla doing a flip in her wedding gown had my mind BLOWN! And I have so many favorites from your wedding day that I'm surprised I didn't just share your entire wedding gallery (haha) - so here are a few to recap your wedding day!