• Kate Stapleton

The Hytch at Sierra Water Gardens in Reno, NV | Hannah & Tony

It isn't atypical for me to photograph two or three consecutive weddings over one weekend. So for this particular weekend, I went from the snowy mountains in Tahoe to a rainy serene wedding day at Sierra Water Gardens in Reno.

Hannah and Tony initially had the idea of having a reception-style celebration at their favorite restaurant in town. However, as wedding planning became more of a thing they welcomed the idea of having an intimate wedding at a charming venue with their closest friends and family.

Their main focus was to have a great time with the people they love. In Hannah's words, their celebration plans turned into more of a wedding which made it the perfect turn of events knowing how Hannah truly values family.

(I go way back with Hannah, so if you want to catch up with my backstory with her, head over to their Engagement Session blog.)

When Hannah and Tony took a tour of Sierra Water Gardens, they knew this charming garden in the heart of Reno was the perfect location to have their intimate wedding. Their guest list consisted mainly of family including their families from out of state.

The weather was raining on their wedding day but have you heard of the saying "it's good luck to have rain on a wedding day?" The term "tying the knot" is also a term coined to describe marriage. According to the Hindus, wet knots are hard to unravel which means your marriage will be just as difficult to break when you are tying the knot on a rainy day.

While it did pour down some, the rest of the day was perfectly sun-lit and serene in the garden.

As guests started trickling in, I noticed Tony was particularly smiley and slightly nervous as we approached the ceremony time. While I've only met him a few times, what I know is that he is a man of few words. He's also very private with his emotions but on his wedding day it was obvious that he was in a jovial mood and maybe even a little anxious to see his bride.

When Hannah came out to meet him at the altar, Tony beamed from ear to ear. They were both giddy to see each other for the first time that day. I looked around and there's no mistaking that their parents and siblings truly shared in the joy of their union.

It was a big party like they imagined it to be! Hannah has always said that her sister Aubrey is her best friend and it's incredible to see that Tony shares the same bond with his brother Tim. All four of them (or should I say six!) including Aubrey's husband Henry and Tim's partner Christian are like a big group of the very best friends ever.

Hannah and Tony,

You didn't need rain to make your marriage "lucky." You're both surrounded by so much love and support that there's no denying your marriage will be a beautiful journey for years to come.


Special thanks to these vendors for helping make Hannah and Tony's wedding day special!

Venue and coordination: The Hytch | The Hytch at Sierra Water Gardens

Hair and Makeup: Nancy Rice Artistry

Catering: Cherry Bomb Catering

Photographer: Kate Stapleton Photography LLC