• Kate Stapleton

Urban Style & Desert Couple Session in Reno

The first time I met these two, I liked them. Their friendly smiles and unmatched politeness made me feel as if we'd known each other awhile. Their personalities emanate happiness and I sure felt it!

Although they are young, and no one would ever guess it, but these two have been together for eight years and counting. It's like a high school sweetheart kind of romance, but instead of meeting in school they met through mutual friends. The first time he saw her, he thought adoringly of her but didn't think much of it. She worked at an ice cream shop at the time, so he came in and they had ice cream together. It was cute and to this day they consider that their first date.

They have come a long ways from that ice cream date. They are building a life together under one roof while raising their new fur baby Colbie, a six month old husky, who they so fondly talk about. If there was anything else that they adored other than each other, it would be him. Nowadays, they spend their free time outdoors as a family. They explore as they hike while Colbie runs freely.

This year in December will mark nine years of their relationship and they have big plans. They have been best friends since that ice cream date and through the years they have supported one another in their endeavors. They are young but very ambitious. A love like theirs is like a needle in a haystack. Rare and almost impossible to find. I know the future holds more love for these two and I can't wait to see where life will take them!

Brian and Jessylyn, thank you for bearing the Nevada heat in dress slacks and high heels. It was worth it! Here's a little sneak peek of our time together...